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Safeguarding their community through a crisis

The Moment

COVID-19 hit New York City early, and hard. Unemployment rates in the South Bronx skyrocketed — putting even more pressure on Johnson Security to stay afloat and continue providing jobs to members of the community.

“If we don’t create the jobs that our neighbors and our families need, we don’t anticipate anybody else will,” says Johnson-Cope. “That’s why we stay in this community, and community is so important to us.”

“As things came to a boiling point with the pandemic, our team at Webster was extremely proactive in reaching out to us to help us look at the future of our business.”

The Response

Johnson-Cope and her business have a relationship with Webster Bank going back more than seven years. And since then, Webster’s helped Johnson Security grow with the loans and cash flow they’ve needed to expand their services and hire new employees from the community.

But the pandemic was a challenge unlike any other. And Webster responded.

“Our banker reached out to me early in the pandemic and gave me a checklist of things that I should do with respect to our finances, with respect to our debt service, as well as with respect to our insurance, to make sure that we would be on a good footing for the short-term,” said Johnson-Cope.

“And then, once the prospect of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) was announced, our bankers from Webster walked us through the application, and even though we’ve heard that a lot of minority-owned businesses were not successful in receiving PPP funding, we were able, the first time around, to get a PPP loan, thanks to the assistance of our friends at Webster Bank. And it’s made all the difference.”

The Results

Thanks to their PPP funding, Johnson Security hasn’t missed a step since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, they’ve been able to help the community respond, by transitioning to more opportunities in healthcare and hospital environments, including securing COVID testing sites and planning to provide secure vaccines once they are available.

“We’ve been very fortunate here at Johnson Security Bureau, and I don’t take it lightly, that the majority of our workforce has been able to continue working,” says Johnson-Cope. “I have a sense of pride, but more so a sense of gratitude that we have such amazing team members that are willing to go out there and help other people to make sure that the front lines are safe and secure. And that we have amazing partners such as Webster Bank who can provide us with the resources and support to meet the needs of our clients.”

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